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Our ethos

The impact our Adult Social Care teams makes reaches far and wide. Whether we’re talking about professionals working with older people or in supported living, in charge of adult safeguarding or supporting those with learning disabilities, in hospital teams or across the community, one ethos binds us all together.

Fearless brings us here

Life on their terms

We don’t see people as service users – in fact, this is the only place on this website you’ll read that phrase. We see only people, and we work in partnership to help them live full, rich, positive lives. On their terms.

The extra mile

For most people, eating healthily and maintaining good personal care is obviously incredibly important. But if that person is isolated, lonely and feeling unfulfilled then, to us, there’s still a job to be done.

Great days and tough days

Each person is on journey. And we’re there with them. There will be great days; there will be tough days. But nothing is ever vanilla or beige. Join us and whatever your job in adult social care, you’ll experience human life in all its colour, energy and diversity.

When we say risk is good, we mean it.

“Last week, my solution to a problem was a smart speaker to remind someone to take their medication. The small things can be the right things. It’s all part of our first priority: enabling people to stay in control of their own lives.”

Connected lives

We’re ambitious for the people we work with. We know that with the right kind of the support at the right time, everyone can live a life of choice and independence. Each time a professional opens the door to someone who needs our expertise and support, something rich and positive can happen for both parties. This is career-defining work and it’s underpinned by our care strategy. We call it Connected Lives.

Opening doors

Our strategy is about connecting people not just to other people, vital though that is. It’s about connecting people to great technology and equipment, work and volunteering opportunities and local community groups, services and networks, among much else.

Freeing you up

We’ve reduced form filling, slimmed down processes and reduced the need for management sign-off. This has allowed our professional staff the freedom to practice value-based, person-centred social work and occupational therapy that is really bearing fruit.

All of this means we’re successfully embracing the ultimate principle of everything we do: people live, they don’t just exist.

“I have a safeguarding case at the minute. This lady is so appreciative of all the work I’ve done. She came to me for help, and I was able to get all the right people and bodies involved (including the police). She is now safe and that’s a great feeling.”

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